My Journey

6. MasterStart / Balfour Group

MasterStart is a leading EdTech company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is part of the Balfour Venture Capital group and is backed by investors Jody Basson, Charl Norman, Jesse Hemson-Struthers, and Andrew Johnston.

I joined the company in August 2017 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and worked closely with the executive team consisting of Andrew Johston (CEO), Katharina Scholtz (Chief Learning Officer), Chevaun Herholdt (Head of Marketing), and Nolen Naidoo (Head of Sales).

I led the development of the client-facing MasterStart website, the online learning platforms, company blog, and a bespoke CRM/CMS known as Proteus CRM.

After spending just under 2 years at MasterStart, I was promoted to CTO of Balfour Group, the holding company of MasterStart. Balfour is a technology investment group with a diverse set of ventures, ranging from online education to digital currencies. I spent the majority of my focus on MasterStart, Debtline & SaveMoney; sharing technology across these companies & consolidating group assets where possible.